How to prepare for Australia’s 2018 Paralympic Games

A training camp has been held in Victoria, and an indoor training facility in Brisbane will also be used as part of the Paralympics, according to the Victorian government.

The Paralympians’ Australian Training Institute (ATI) will be located at the Adelaide Oval on the west coast of Victoria, just three kilometres from the Olympic Park.

It will be run by the Victoria Sports Commission and run for eight months, and the event will be the second-longest of its kind in Australia after the Sydney Paralympian Games in 2021.

“We’ve got an amazing venue that will allow us to do a fantastic training camp for the Paralyms,” Victoria Sport Minister Shane Ross said.

“The Paralymics will be running at the same time as the Commonwealth Games.”

A video from the ATI shows the athletes in the Olympic Village in Perth, which will be part of a temporary indoor training complex at the venue.

The Victorian Government is keen to get the Paralymisers training in Melbourne ahead of the Commonwealth Championships, which take place in Brisbane in September 2019.

The Commonwealth Games is being held at the Waverley Oval in Sydney, which was used to host the Paralypmics.

It is expected that the Commonwealth Paralympists will be given the opportunity to train at the Melbourne venue.