New Zealand to create 10 new species of sea creatures

New Zealand has created a new species for the first time in recorded history, with the first recorded sighting of the newly discovered species being reported from the island of New Zealand’s north.

The species is named after the country’s iconic sea turtle, which is now a protected species in the country.

The new species was discovered on the southern island of the country in August.

The turtle was spotted swimming in the water by a woman who was visiting a local museum when she saw it.

The man then posted a photo on Twitter of the turtle on his smartphone, which attracted a lot of attention.

The New Zealand Herald newspaper said the species is the first in the world to be named after a turtle.

The new species, which the New Zealand Department of Conservation described as being a “new species”, is found in a shallow water habitat called the shallow water zone.

The researchers say it is a new genus of sea turtle.

Scientists are unsure how long the new species will remain protected under New Zealand law.