Training institute launches ‘smart’ dogs in the US

Dog training institute LTI International is now the first training institute in the world to offer smart dogs.

LTI is the first accredited training institute to offer its trainers the ability to create and manage smart dogs and the company said that this has allowed the dogs to perform at their optimum level.

LTIs new smart dog system is a new tool that allows trainers to train and manage their smart dogs in a more personalized and realistic way, said T.J. Doolittle, VP of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives at LTI.

The technology allows trainers and trainers to create a ‘smart dog’ in their own image, said Doolitle.

The LTI SmartDog program enables trainers to set their own schedule and schedule their dogs on different days, which allows the dog to perform their best and be rewarded.

In addition, the system allows trainers a set of metrics to monitor the dog’s performance.

The dog’s training and the dog training process are both integrated into one.

Training sessions are designed to allow trainers to monitor progress, as well as create opportunities for a rewarding reward.

Training the dog can take as little as two hours, while the dog will work out a workout in a few hours.

This enables the dog and trainer to work together in a controlled environment.

This allows for the dog, trainers, and owners to enjoy the results of the dog on a daily basis.

For those unfamiliar with the term ‘smart’, LTIs technology is a smart dog platform that allows a dog to be trained on a schedule that fits the dog.

The dogs training program is designed to help trainers become better at their craft.

The goal is to ensure that their dogs perform at the highest levels of performance and they can be rewarded for their success.

LT’s smart dog program is being used by trainers and owners all over the world, with more than 20,000 dogs now trained and trained in the UK alone.

The company’s new SmartDog platform will be used by more than 40,000 trainers worldwide.

LT is also working with partners in other countries to launch its SmartDog system in other regions of the world in the coming months.

The project will allow the dogs’ training to be enhanced in order to better meet the needs of the owner and trainer.

LT believes that the SmartDog training platform will allow trainers and dogs to work better together.

The SmartDog team is already working with hundreds of trainers to improve the performance of their dogs.

A SmartDog dog trainer can set the schedule of training sessions, schedule the dogs daily training, and schedule the dog in the right order to maximize performance.

LT said that the LTI program will enable trainers to keep their dogs at their best.

“With this smart dog, they can work smarter than ever,” said D.J., a trainer with more more than 2,500 dogs.

“If I have to schedule a dog, I can set a specific time for the dogs training.

The training schedule will allow me to have the dog at their most effective at the time and place of my choosing.

This smart dog will allow us to train our dogs as efficiently as possible.”

The SmartDogs program is one of the most innovative in the dog-training industry.

This program will be available to trainers and handlers in the near future.

LTi said that their new Smartdog platform is designed with a number of features that will allow for the trainers to work smarter and maximize their dogs performance.

This includes the ability for trainers to schedule training sessions and allow for their dogs to interact with each other, the ability of trainers and dog owners to create the most optimal training and rewards, and the ability in order for the trainer to track the dogs progress.

The smart dog technology was designed to improve training and reward for the owners, trainers and clients.

LT was one of only a few companies in the industry to develop a smart canine training platform.

The first smart dog trainer to create his own smart dog training platform was David Renn, a former US Navy SEAL who trained dogs at LTIs training center in California.

The system is now a recognized leader in the smart dog industry.