Which are the best bengaluru medical colleges for a BTech?

There are two schools in the capital, Bengaluru, where you can find graduates who want to enter the world of medical science.

ABSC Medical School, located in the Mysuru-based BTech University, is considered to be the most prestigious medical school in the country.

In 2017, the college received its second award of the Tata Memorial Award, the highest award given by the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

It is also a top-ranked medical college in the city.

The other is the ATSC Medical College, located at the heart of the M.G.K. Gandhi Memorial Campus, located near the National Library and Science and Technology campus.

Both institutions are also considered to have the best medical education in the nation.

We visited both schools to find out which one is the best.


Bayshore Medical College (BMC)Bayshores Medical College is one of the most prominent medical colleges in Bengaluru.

Its location in the heart the Muhimbazar-based school was well-known to people who visited Bengaluru for its vibrant nightlife.

It is home to more than 1,000 students.

It was founded by S.V. Ramakrishna, who is also an alumnus of Baysheeda Medical College.

His father S.

Krishna had founded the school in 1923, and its motto is “Baysheeday Medical College has been the home of the medical profession for nearly four decades.”

It has a population of more than 7,000.

Since it was founded in 1948, Baysha has had a reputation for excellence in medical science and is one the top two medical colleges per capita in the state.

Baysha Medical College was founded on the basis of the concept of “basking in the glow of medical knowledge”. 

It was initially founded in 1921, but the first medical school to offer an M.

Sc. degree was set up by Sankaracharya Nagarkar, the son of the famous Maharaja Harish.

Today, the Bayshi Medical College boasts of the highest number of M.

Ed students and students from private institutes and government-owned institutes.


BHU Medical CollegeBHU College is located in Kalyanagoda in the eastern part of the city, about an hour from the Mumbaikars International Airport.

It has more than 2,000 medical students.

BK Medical College came into being in 1948.

Now, it has more students than any other medical college, with the highest enrolment for students from the private and public sectors.


AYUSH Medical College(AYUSH) The oldest medical college located in Bengalurahalli, AYush Medical College located in BK University campus, was founded as a private institution in 1929.

It received its first award in 1932, but it was not a regular institution.

By the late 1970s, AYP medical students began to enter into medical courses, and it was also the first one to offer M.S. in 1984.

“In the last decade, AYC medical students have come up to us from all across the country, and have become the backbone of our university,” said S.C. Rao, president, AYA Medical College.(AP Photo) The institution has the distinction of having more than 80% of its students from all over the world.

Students from all the countries of the world, including India, come here to study.

The campus is also known for its high standard of medical education, with its graduates having a good reputation in medical fields.4.

Medical College of the City of Bengal (MCD)A medical college of the University of Bengal, known for offering the best in medical education is located at Jalan Besar.

While the college was founded around 1915, it is one that is still active today.

There are more than 200,000 M.


graduates from all colleges and institutes across the city.(AP Photos) 5.

Delhi Medical CollegeThis is one medical college where you would definitely want to enroll your child.

It offers the highest degree in medical sciences in the world at the Medical College and is known for teaching students in the field of surgery and paediatrics.

According to the Department of Medical Education, it offers an MSc in Surgery, MSc, M.

Phil, MEd in Medical Sciences, MCA, MCC and the MD certificate in paediatrics, Pediatrics and Cardiology.


Delhi University(DU)The University of Delhi has a reputation of offering the highest quality medical education and offers the most students from across the world from the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Its flagship university is the flagship campus of the prestigious Delhi