Montessori School to open in Detroit

Detroit, MI — Montessori is planning to open a new school in Detroit’s historic Magnificent Mile, which has been home to a number of children from the Montessorian tradition.

The school is being constructed on a site that once housed a nursing home. 

The new school, Montessi Training Institute, will be a two-year program, according to executive director Brian O’Donnell. 

“Montessoria is a great way to connect children to the world around them,” O’Donnell said. 

Montessely training institute will teach children in grades K-6 about the importance of physical education, physical activity and nutrition. 

Children who complete the training institute can then move on to a full-fledged Montessoria program that will include instruction in social skills, physical education and literacy. 

As part of the project, O’Connell said he is working with local government officials to determine the best location for the new school. 

For the first two years, the school will be operated by the Montessely School Corporation, which operates schools in the state of Pennsylvania. 

OCC president David Mancini said he will be “deeply committed” to working with Montessories to make the school more successful. 

A Montessorie teacher from Montessoro, Pa., says the school will offer a better learning experience. 

He says it will allow for children to learn and practice in a safe environment. 

 “The Montessorians are well known for their positive approach to education,” Mancini told CNN. 

According to O’Donnel, the new Montessorial school will take advantage of the fact that Detroit has a growing student population and that the residents of the area have an interest in having a Montessoric program in their community. 

It will also provide more space to accommodate families who want to bring their children to Montessoris program. 

I am committed to the success of Montessorias program in Detroit and the surrounding communities,” O’Doherty said.

O’Donnell said the Montessi training school will offer students a range of academic and experiential enrichment activities for their children. 

(Read more about Montessorios’ impact in Detroit.)”

Our hope is to build a school that is open to all kids,”  O’Deoill said.

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(We hope to) be a resource for local businesses and for schools,” O’tDonnell said, adding that he will work with the local city council to determine whether the school can be operated in the same manner. 

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