The bloodhound trainers in Kerala train their students

KERALA: A group of bloodhound trainees from Kerala has set up a website in hopes of helping people get acquainted with their favorite breed and to train them to become trainers.

The Bloodhound Training Institute (BTI) was set up by the Kerala government after the state went into a state of emergency on August 8, when the state government imposed strict controls on the sale of blood and blood products.

The BTI’s website is intended to assist people with the basic information about the breed and its activities.

According to the website, the BTI is the first institute of its kind in the country.

It has set its sights on teaching people how to train their dogs to become good trainers and have the chance to earn a living as trainers.

In a bid to attract people to become bloodhound owners, the website has already attracted more than 1,400 users who have registered their interest to be a BTI trainer.

The website is currently running on an initial donation of $200,000 and its aim is to expand in the future.

It is also encouraging people to share their ideas and ideas of their own.

The BTI hopes that it will be able to help thousands of people, especially young people, to get involved in the sport.

The site has also been sharing the latest news from the state, including new legislation passed by the State Legislative Assembly on August 10, which includes stringent controls on blood sales.

The new law makes it mandatory for anyone selling blood, blood products or other items to be registered with the state’s Civil Registration Office, and is also expected to bring in more stringent measures against the sale and possession of blood, products and blood samples.

Kerala has a population of just 1.8 crore people, according to the State Election Commission data.