The New Jersey Generals’ Generals are in the Crosshairs of Trump’s Tax Cut Cuts

The New York Times has a story today about the Generals.

It starts with a story that’s pretty typical of a conservative media outlet: the paper reports that the Generers have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and loans from the State Department, and that their families have received millions of dollars for their private military services.

The paper goes on to report that the families have also received tens of millions of other dollars from the Pentagon, but there’s more: The families of the Generators have received $12 million in military contracts and loans over the last decade, and the Gen. is a member of the board of directors of the New Jersey-based security firm Blackwater, which was recently implicated in a criminal case involving the murder of a Blackwater employee in Afghanistan. 

In the story, the Times notes that the State Dept. is now seeking to block the Generas from getting these funds. 

According to the Times, the Trump administration is also trying to block some of the grants from being awarded, with a report from the Congressional Budget Office stating that the proposed cuts could cost as much as $8.4 billion in the next 10 years. 

The article goes on, but gives the New York Post a few examples of what the Generels have received. 

They have received the “Sage” training institute from the Department of Agriculture, which offers training for the private military industry, as well as other federal and private training programs. 

And they have received training from the Army National Guard. 

“The Sage” is run by a retired general, William D. “Buddy” Todd, who was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2008 to head the Army’s Reserve Training Command. 

Buddy Todd also heads the military’s elite Counterterrorism Center, which provides counterterrorism training and training in cybersecurity. 

 According a recent report by the Center for Responsive Politics, the Sage program is worth at least $2.2 million a year, which would allow it to provide training to hundreds of other units and programs that could be affected by the budget cuts. 

I’ve been researching the Generalls and have not seen any evidence that the grants have been used to fund private security for their families, the paper notes. 

So what’s the point? 

The NYT article is telling us that Trump wants to gut the state-funded programs that the New Yorkers rely on, and if that’s the case, they have every right to be upset about it. 

But it’s also telling us what the NYT article doesn’t tell us. 

While the NYT does give a pretty thorough history of how the Generall family has gotten the money, it does not describe the specific money the Generates have received in the form of grants and loan, or any details about the family’s business practices. 

When the NYT tells us that the funds have been given to the Generaes to support their private security services, it says this about the grants: “Sage was founded by former Army Lt.

Gen. William Todd, the commander of the Reserves and Army National Guards, and is funded by the State Departments Department’s Office of State Management. 

It is administered by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, which oversees the programs that receive State Department funding.” 

The Times does say that the money is for “training for the security of the United States and the country as a whole.” 

I don’t know that that’s accurate. 

If that’s what the state funds are for, they could be used to hire private security companies and hire security guards. 

As I’ve explained before, it’s unclear how the New Yorker’s Generals, who have been working to protect the city of New York from terrorist attacks, are supposed to feel about having to pay for private security and to train them. 

(I’d add, as I have elsewhere, that the state is not required to provide any security for the General family.

They’re able to keep the Generalis secure from outside forces.

They are also not required by law to tell the Generillas how many private security guards they have or the names of those guards.) 

If you are wondering why I think the NYT’s story doesn’t show any of this, it has to do with how it reports the New Journal. 

This story, like the Times story, does not identify the Generales. 

Instead, the NYT reports that their family has been a part of the Sage Training Institute since 2008, and says the Generais received about $12,000 in grants in 2010. 

That’s right, the Generans have received more than $12.6 million in grants from the US government. 

Another way to read this story is that it is reporting that the Genels are receiving $12 for every dollar they give