When do you think you will play in the NRL?

It was a question that rang true to me when I watched the first couple of minutes of the Warriors-Storm clash on Monday night.

The Warriors had been cruising to a 30-point lead in the second quarter, but when a brilliant line-out from Joe Burgess in the first quarter gave the Warriors a two-point advantage, the Warriors lost the momentum.

In the first half of the match, the Broncos’ Jamie Lyon put his side on the front foot and the Warriors were forced to defend deep and in the centre.

Then came a moment that would change everything.

A big, powerful forward was tackled and dragged down on his face by a ruckman.

The tackle is illegal in the current NRL rules.

The NRL had previously told me that the play was not an offence.

I thought, “OK, maybe we could change the rule a bit”.

The NRL and the NRLPA were working together on a proposal to make tackling illegal in all three phases of the game, with the first phase, where players are tackled, set to start on Friday.

If the proposal is accepted, the NRL will have a much easier time making the rule change and the change would be a lot less of a deterrent to the play.

It also could help the game in terms of increasing the number of players in the tackle zone, so more of the tackle could be avoided.

It was a huge change, and it could be a major one.

However, for all the changes that have been made, it’s still not a big deal if a player is tackled and goes down.

The NRLPA’s James Scrivens said in an interview on Monday that the game’s focus on tackling was changing.

“The game has shifted to a much higher level, we’ve got more players in our tackle zone now,” he said.

“When a tackle is made, that’s the moment the game goes to penalties.”

But in the last year or so, the focus has really shifted to tackling, and I think that’s a big thing.

“The NRL has not yet released its proposed changes, but the changes it is proposing would not apply to tackles made during the play-offs.

The idea that the rules are being relaxed and the game is becoming more exciting by the day is a myth.

The rules are changing.

But is it good for the game?

The rule change is not going to solve all the problems, but it could help a lot.

The Raiders and the Storm are two of the top teams in the game.

They will be looking to win the two-leg semi-final series in Sydney on Saturday.

Both teams are favourites to win their respective series, but both are also favourites to play the final on the weekend.

The Storm will be hoping to win a grand final at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night, but will be without their two leading scorers in Jarryd Hayne and Kurt Gidley.

The Broncos have had their star duo in Matt Moylan and Sam Thaiday sidelined with injury, and have been without their best player, Jordan Rapana.

The Kangaroos have been missing their top-line all season and will be missing some key players including half-back Luke Keary and centre Anthony Milford.

This could mean the NRL could be looking for players that are not at the top of the NRL ladder to step up.

While it may seem like a lot, the changes are only going to make the game more exciting.

If it’s a bit more difficult to play when you’re injured, there’s also the possibility that some players might not be ready to go at all.

In other words, the rules might not work in the long term.

So, what’s the alternative?

The NRL will be moving the rule changes to the NRL Grand Final and the World Cup finals, but as the game has evolved and evolved, the game needs to evolve as well.

The rule changes are going to have a big impact on the NRL, and if they are accepted, it will make the season a little more interesting.

If they are not accepted, there are some players that might not make the finals at all, even if they win a series.

In a way, it could also be a bad thing.

It’s possible that some of the players could have missed the finals by accident, or that they would not have been able to get through the finals if they had missed out on a series if they were playing in the semi-finals.

But if the rules change to include the play in penalties phase, that could change that.

The next two years could go a long way to helping the game evolve, but if the NRL decides to go ahead with the rule, it might have a negative impact on some of these players.