Why you shouldn’t take the strangulation lesson at Kilimanjaros training institute

A new twist to a training exercise that could turn your eyes into blinders is being put in place at the training institute of Kilimanjars world renowned strangulation trainers.

A new twist is being added to the training of strangulation techniques, to allow you to learn to control your own body and to be less vulnerable to strangulation.

Kilimanjaras world famous strangulation trainer, Jomana Juglu, said it was a new concept.

“This is the first time in our life that we have developed this, so it was an opportunity for us to try new things,” she said.

“We will have a training class for beginners, and also for more advanced trainers.”

Training classes are offered for beginners.

Juglu said the training would focus on basic strangulation control techniques and the need to use the right tools.

“The strangulation machine is very powerful and it has been designed so that if you are trying to control it with one hand, you have to have the other hand in the right position,” she explained.

“You have to make sure that the strangulating device is not too close to your body.”

Also, you can use your head or your back to try to keep the strangulator away from you.

“Kilimans strangulation instructor Jomane Mhaji said the introduction of this new training method was important.”

A lot of people think that you have a lot of control over your body, but I don’t think that we can control everything,” she told News24.”

If you get sick or injured, your hands and feet are the most dangerous part of your body.””

A big problem in the world today is that we are constantly losing our freedom and being under threat.

“When you have people that are controlling your body by using weapons, you lose control.”

Mhaji explained that if your body is being manipulated by a weapon, you need to protect your body from it.

“It is important to protect yourself and your own senses, so you have these things like safety blankets,” she added.

“But the strangulations training will also focus on control of your own muscles.”

In addition to Juglias training class, an experimental strangulation program was also launched by Kilimanjeris strangulation association in April last year.

“I am a professional trainer, and I am very passionate about strangulation,” she insisted.

“So I think this will make a lot more people interested in it.”

The association’s training program will be open to all.

“What you do not have control over is your body,” she concluded.