Cisco training institute offers online course on cybersecurity

Cisco has announced a new online training course for Cisco Network Engineers and Cybersecurity Experts in order to boost their knowledge and skills.

The Cisco Training Institute has teamed up with Cisco Security Research and Education to offer an online course, entitled Cisco Security: An Introduction to Network Security.

The course is aimed at helping network engineers and security experts understand and implement the latest security trends and best practices.

It aims to give an in-depth look into network security and cyber threats.

The training will start on April 12 and run until September 16, 2019.

The Cisco training Institute is set up to help Cisco employees in their respective roles, which include: Network Engineer, Cybersecurity Expert, Technical Director, Senior Security Architect and Senior Security Designer.

The aim of the course is to increase the network engineer’s awareness about the latest trends in network security, security awareness and best practice for their job.

It will also help them to develop the skills necessary to successfully conduct security audits, perform security auditing and to take on more complex cyber security challenges.

In the future, the Cisco Training institute will expand the scope of the online course to include a range of other skills such as penetration testing, security penetration testing and penetration testing related software development.

“We are delighted to be working with Cisco on the Cisco Security Training Institute,” said CFO Mark Prentice.

Cisco will also host a number of events on the courses with the aim of promoting awareness, providing training and developing better knowledge among its network engineers.

“We have a range the Cisco training institutes online courses which is great to have,” said Mr Prentice.

“We are keen to make the courses available to our network engineers, to make them understand how to implement the Cisco security technologies and how to take a cyber security training course.”

The courses will provide an in depth look into the latest cybersecurity trends and how network security can be improved.

“These courses will also be available to the wider Cisco community as well.”

The Cisco Security training institute will be a part of Cisco’s Network Security and Security Awareness programme, which is focused on enhancing the network security expertise of Cisco engineers.

 The Network Security Training is being launched by Cisco to boost the network engineering skills of its employees.