Which schools are offering virtual reality training?

In the past year, virtual reality technology has exploded into the mainstream, and the demand for immersive experiences is skyrocketing.

At least 30,000 companies have incorporated VR into their business models, with the average salary for VR-trained employees jumping to $1.3 million.

It’s also been hailed as the future of work.

But with VR becoming increasingly popular in classrooms, what are the best schools for VR training?

We spoke with a virtual reality instructor from Washington Training Institute, which specializes in VR training, to get the scoop.

Here are three schools that offer virtual reality at a reasonable price.


Washington Training Instituion Virtual reality training for educators in Washington Training, D.C. was created by the Washington Training institute in 2007 to provide the first of its kind VR training for teachers in the District of Columbia.

Its website promises virtual learning for teachers through a variety of tools, including interactive labs, videos, interactive games, and virtual classrooms.

The school’s mission is to help teachers learn more about the teaching profession through an immersive classroom experience.

The first VR training at the Washington training institute took place at Washington Training Academy in August 2018, when over 2,000 teachers from all disciplines were trained.

The experience is a one-of-a-kind experience for teachers and students, and it includes a variety in-person and online learning activities.

It also features virtual reality learning materials.

As part of the training, the virtual classroom was designed to be the first classroom for virtual education, which the school hopes to expand into other classrooms, classrooms, and laboratories.

The virtual classroom has a fully functional, 3D-printed classroom and video-game room, a VR classroom with the latest virtual classroom technology, and a virtual classroom with a range of games that students can participate in.

For students who are unable to attend the virtual learning experience, the Washington School of Education is offering a virtual learning program for those who would like to learn in a virtual setting.

The program, called Virtual Teacher, allows students to interact with other students through interactive learning tools and experiences.

The curriculum is taught by a virtual teacher, and is designed to provide a variety, and an interactive experience, for students.

This virtual classroom also has video games and a video game arcade, which gives students the opportunity to experience the game, as well as play other games.

The Virtual Teacher program offers VR training to teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills.

The VR training program for teachers also includes a VR studio, a classroom, and video game rooms.

In addition to providing virtual education to teachers, Virtual Teacher also offers a range and interactive games that are perfect for virtual learning, including: Virtual learning games with different activities for teachers, including quizzes and board games