Which NFL coaches are the most likely to lose their jobs next year?

Ovid Training Institutes, a private training institute in Orlando, Florida, is in the middle of an internal investigation that could result in the firing of one of its top trainers, a source close to the matter told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport on Tuesday.

OTL also faces a $10 million fine for training practices that violate federal regulations, the source said.

OTT is one of the NFL’s largest and most prestigious private training institutes, according to its website.

Rapoports source said OTT has been operating without a director for about a year.

The institute has been the subject of a number of lawsuits, including one filed in 2014 by former NFL player Chris Kluwe.

Former OTL trainer and former player David Smith, who left the organization in 2016, has been a vocal critic of the company, according the Rapopres source.

Rapaport first reported the investigation.

Rapiport has a track record of getting information from sources that could affect his reporting.

He was among several NFL media outlets that broke the news of a $1.3 million settlement between the NFL Players Association and OTL over a potential tampering violation.

OLLI has faced several legal and public scrutiny over the past several years.

In 2015, it settled a lawsuit brought by former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker LeSean McCoy for $7.25 million, and it was fined $1 million for not conducting an annual physical.

It was fined for training players who had received injections from OLLIs trainer, David Smith.

In February, it was hit with a federal consent decree over the alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs, which could affect the way OLLA trains and treats its athletes.

Ollas training and medical staff are among the top-tier of sports facilities in the United States.

The NFLPA has also been working to address some of the issues raised by the allegations in the settlement.